Company Overview
The Inc Lab (TIL) is a Florida based, technology company with offices in Washington DC and Tampa, FL. We are the first human-centered artificial intelligence experience (AI+X) lab. Our award-winning, multi-disciplinary team offers comprehensive capabilities for rapid ideation, software development and builds of smart systems and hardware solutions. We are a high-impact multidisciplinary team of engineers, producers, software developers and UX/UI designers that help organizations innovate and deliver interactive intelligent interfaces.
Our Approach
We specialize in Human Centered Interactive Innovation. We use User Centered Design techniques for fast prototyping and experiential testing. Our team's broad set of disciplines allows us to deliver unique solutions to even the toughest challenges. Over the past few years TIL has grown into a robust, full-service firm that designs, develops, and implements innovative solutions in emerging technologies for a wide variety of commercial and federal clients.We create the optimal mix of technology and environment to engage with your brand and determine what it takes for your customers to connect in ways that inspire action. Our approach includes live immersive interactive ecosystems, innovative surfaces and hybrid multi-platform interfaces.
Transformative Products
We leverage the newest and most effective technologies, human capital and industry best practices to develop effective solutions that lead to transformative products for our clients. We do this by hiring the right team of experts, giving them the tools they need to succeed and remain leaders in their areas of expertise.


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