Advanced 3D modeling techniques are useful when visualizing products or data. 3D modeling can bring to life everything from human DNA sequences to car parts to skyscrapers. It’s an essential capability in product development. TIL excels at leveraging their extensive expertise in using multiple methods to creating 3D models that will fit your project goals.
Beyond What’s “Real”
Hyper realistic 3D models create a user experience like no other. Designers can create complex and extremely detailed three-dimensional models of products and the worlds they live in. Users can not only see a concept come to life but experience the product as it exists in the virtual world.
The Art of the Possible
TIL designers have decades of combined experience with 3D modeling. 3D modeling is faster than 2D drawings and physical modeling.Our clients get results quicker and often times production times, efficiency and output can increase as a result.
Modeling that Gives You a Competitive Edge
3D modeling allows our designers to fully visualize a product or concept. Our clients can see every part from multiple angles and see how it fits into the greater concepts. It allows our clients to make informed decisions that reduce human error with products in use.