Immediately access your model on any device where your app is deployed and continuously train your models without disruption. Edge technology allows users to update the performance of your light model on the edge device faster and better outside of the cloud. State-of-the-art automatic workflows for data dimensionality reduction deploy easily on-premise or hybrid.
No Connectivity, No Problem
With Edge AI, no connectivity is required. The inference delivered is based on cashed ML lite models saving power, processing, and hosting capabilities. Enhance intelligent application development and accelerate inference speed even with low to no connectivity by analyzing the data closer to the device in real-time.
Accelerate, Integrate, Automate with Ease
An edge device is able to filter out unimportant data so that only the data that matters flows through, reducing latency and bandwidth consumption. Integrating edge computing provides numerous benefits including increased security and privacy and less data storage on the cloud and company servers saving time and money.