User-centered design/UX: deliberately improves the user experience by seeking to understand users' needs and preferences when it comes to using specific features of a product. We are one of the leading UCD firms and the nation’s first AI+X lab.
More Successful Products and Services
TIL designers integrate user-centered design activities into processes. This yields more successful products and services. A systematic alignment of the product and service strategy increases the likelihood we will create a product or service that people will want to use and enjoy using.
Take the Guesswork Out of Development
Using UCD, TIL can create something people will actually enjoy and want to use. UCD takes the guesswork out of the development process by reducing industry bias, identifying key target audiences and understanding what they’re looking for and how they will use a product.
Centering the User Experience
User experience focuses on the people that are directly interacting with a singular product or service. The product is most often a mobile app, website, or some sort of software. However, some organizations may hire UX designers to help develop non-digital products as well. But whether it’s an interface or the latest model toaster oven, UX focuses solely on the usability of a product. UX designers are often analyzing how enjoyable it is to use a specific service or how intuitively someone can learn to use a product. Topics like information architecture, visual hierarchy, navigation, and learnability are at the forefront of the UX design process.


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