Extend the concept of reality by implementing the latest advancements in AR, VR, and MR. Host company meetings in virtual offices, design next-level concepts in 3D spaces, and experience mobile the endless potential of mobile XR.
Hybrid and Work from Home
The capabilities for extended reality technology are growing as the tools are becoming more accessible. The demand for collaborative spaces within VR environments is increasing as companies are adapting to hybrid work models. Allowing for significant increases in productivity and efficiency, VR and hybrid work offer cost-saving solutions that are the future of business management. Currently, there are limitations to how ideas are shared within 2D spaces, but, with the integration of XR within business, these same ideas can be presented with free-flowing visualizations in 3D spaces.
Mobile XR
Using the latest in emerging technology, the future of XR is mobile. By combining AR structures, edge cloud processing, and 5G, XR is no longer bound by cables and allows users to experience full XR immersion using mobile devices such as smart glasses. Mobile XR has the potential to disrupt and create unique solutions for virtually every market.