HR Manager

TheIncLab is looking for a Human Resource Manager to join our growing team. We are looking for an individual interested in growing and developing high performing teams and has administrative and/or recruiting experience. This potential candidate needs to be well-organized and detail-oriented with proactive instincts to initiate assistance in a fast-moving and rapidly changing environment. The ideal person must be flexible, energetic, be able to anticipate needs from both individual and the organization and improve systems/processes that supports the entire organization.

This position will join the Human Empowerment Resource Office (HERO) and be responsible for leading the talent growth for the TheIncLab.

Ideal candidate interest should involve Tampa Bay area’s emergence onto the high-tech startup scene and energized by sharing cutting edge technology developments throughout the community!

Primary role and responsibilities:

  • Overseeing recruitment, selection and the onboarding process
  • Develop an annual calendar for HR with ongoing programs and seasonal activities (internship, evaluation, recruiting, job fairs, employee benefits review,
  • Managing a company’s employee review process system and conducting employee annual review process
  • Ensuring that the company’s procedures comply with employment regulations
  • Monitoring various aspects of an employee’s performance, such as attendance and sick leave
  • Assessing the need for training and then designing and implementing training programs accordingly
  • Handling any disciplinary processes and formal grievances
  • Setting and reviewing pay structures and employee perks and benefits
  • Develop market bench marking for employee salaries and benefits
  • Develop internship program
  • Participate in job fairs and recruitment opportunities
  • Work with operations and finance and participate in continuity of operations planning and execution
  • Develop team activities and promote culture
  • Actively promote diversity and company values

Desired qualifications

  • Minimum 2 years of HR experience and or 3 years in recruiting.
  • Experience recruiting cleared personnel
  • Ability to support government contracts human resources planning, management, execution, and reporting
  • Experience working to source strategic personnel planning for key personnel
  • Experience working to source strategic personnel planning for key personnel
  • Coordinate and advise on staffing allocation processes and requirements
  • Provide prompt, courteous and accurate responsive to clients, government and contractor personnel
  • Experience performing periodic data collection and reporting
  • Ability to communicate the value of personnel programs through weekly and monthly newsletters, digital media, intranet posts, video, flyers, booklets and meetings client engagement

This job Is a good fit for someone who is:

  • Dependable
  • People-oriented -- enjoys interacting with people and working on group projects
  • Adaptable/flexible -- enjoys doing work in a dynamic environment
  • Strong attention to detail --ability to self-direct, and a passion around making organizations better through, initiative, collaboration, and commitment.
  • Innovative --ability to come up with creative solutions to resolve problems
  • Active marketer with experience in multiple jobs and social media platforms

Job Type: Part-time / Ful-time

Location: This is not a remote position; office is located in Ybor City

Hours per week


About TheIncLab

Founded in 2015, TheIncLab is the first human-centered artificial intelligence experience (AI+X) lab. TheIncLab's award-winning, multi-disciplinary team is focused on designing and developing AI-enabled systems that learn and collaborate with humans. The company offers its clients comprehensive capabilities for rapid ideation, software development and building of smart systems and hardware solutions. Its open, scalable AI architecture approach, combined with years of experience in interactive engineering and emerging technology innovation, allows for rapid prototyping and deployment of transformational concepts, products and solutions designed to work with meaningful human interaction, effectively bridging the gap between humans and intelligent systems.

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