As threats evolve, so should the technology that keeps the world secure. We provide strategic solutions for all major defense sectors including land, air, sea, and space ranging from mission planning, threat modeling, software developement, UI integration, and combat simulations. We prioritize developing industry-leading equipment that ensure warfighters come home.
Environmental and Threat Prediction
Mission planning is essential for providing support to flight and weapons delivery operations by gathering intelligence on targets, terrain, and weather data. We are on the forefront of developing mission planning software, services and solutions that provide the warfighter with fully integrated battlefield mission planning capabilities.
Dedicated Defense
At the forefront of optimized defense strategy lies classified analyses and studies support to help enhance the mission. We recognize our customers' need to continually improve and modernize existing systems for more efficient processing and improved service delivery. Our capabilities include software development, data fusion, intelligent systems design, rapid prototyping support, and emerging technology experimentation.