We specialize in creating solutions for the unique challenges of Health and Life Science development, providing industry-leading engineering expertise, rapid prototyping, process development, and data-analytic services. We bring the sharpest and most innovative minds to work in collaboration with the industry’s top rated healthcare professionals to develop breakthrough treatments in AI-integrated solutions and find new ways to research the challenging health issues facing society.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics can advance healthcare options and improve outcomes. It also allows for future and rapid diagnostics to be based on current or historical data. We offer a variety of machine learning solutions that can be implemented into a wide range of medical applications including diagnostic tests and surgical procedures. With the aid of predictive analytics, our clients can reduce risks while simultaneously improving healthcare operations and courses of action for patients. There are benefits for both patients and healthcare organizations. Whether you want to improve operations or reduce risk, TIL can help integrate predictive analytics into your business and projects.

Artificial Neural Networks
Artificial Neural Network based solutions can transform a vast amount of data into digestible insights. They arrange algorithms in a way that results in increased accuracy and more effective decision making. We use ANNs for image, speech, and character recognition, where machine learning methods are not as applicable or efficient enough. This process provides our clients with an industry-leading seamless digital product that can help healthcare workers make life-saving decisions and help inform long-term patient care. With the integration of ANNs, they help make predictions in healthcare that doctors and researchers can’t make on their own. Diagnostic systems that use big data to detect disease, bioanalysis tools that can rapidly analyze samples from bodily fluids, and image analysis tools are all useful ANNs. TIL uses ANNs to help clients with everything from applications that foster pattern recognition to large scale data classification tools.