Workplace culture is important to most job-seekers when deciding whether or not to accept an offer letter. It’s also important to recruiters and hiring managers. We spend a huge percentage of our time with our colleagues so liking the people you work with and fitting into the culture is key. At The Inc Lab, we value our people and have created a great company culture. Headquartered in sunny Florida, The Inc Lab is made up of a diverse staff that loves all things emerging tech. We are proud to be the first AI+UX lab and get excited about solving challenging problems in areas such as data visualization, artificial intelligence, and user-centered design, among other areas. In 2022, we’re proud that we’re ramping up hiring efforts and will fill more than a dozen openings in emerging technology, data science, software engineering, and Artificial Intelligence.

We know that a great team can do great things and we are excited for the future. As we start the first month in a new year, and plan on expanding our team, we’d like to share a little bit about what makes the office culture at The Inc Lab so special.

Employee number one still works for us. That’s right! Our very first employee that onboarded years ago is still with us. I’m not sure how many other companies can say that but it says a lot about the culture we have managed to create over the years. Over the years, our team has grown from one person to two fully staffed offices in the National Capital Region and Florida.

We also get many cool perks, amazing healthcare, a flexible office environment, and paid holidays. Just this past holiday season, our offices closed for two weeks to give our team time to relax and spend time with their families and friends. It’s an environment that recognizes people and rewards them for their dedication.

We also have a beautiful place The Inc Lab calls home. Working at our headquarters makes going to work really special. Just last year, The Inc Lab moved into an iconic building in the heart of Tampa’s historic Ybor City built in 1886. Our building, famously known as “El Pasaje” has been everything from a hotel, a restaurant, speakeasy, military recruiting station, a newspaper, and an innovation ecosystem that facilitates public-private collaboration. TIL is proud to occupy this historic space and continue the tradition of fostering spaces for innovation and emerging technology.

If you’re interested in emerging technology, data science, software engineering, or Artificial Intelligence, visit our website to learn more about The Inc Lab and make sure to subscribe to our blog and follow us on social media. We’d love to hear from you and wish you the best in the new year!