3D Technology | UI Design | Smart Technology
5G has a lot to offer when it comes to Augmented Reality (AR). Samsung asked us to develop a highly interactive experience to demonstrate where 5G will be impactful. We developed a vertical integration approach to 5G in VR, AR, and dynamic responsive interfaces built in a 3D smart city.
TANG – US Navy - NavAir
Rapid Prototyping | High Fidelity Models | AI-infusion | 3D GIS Technology
In as little as 63 days, our team designed a prototype for the ultimate engine for joint mission planning, risk analysis, and visualization. We produced a prototype for the U.S. Navy that incorporated real-time weather forecasting and doppler visualization.
Fortune 500
AI | Machine Learning | 3D Technologies
A virtual pet? Yes, we did! This project used artificial intelligence and machine learning to create an immortalized version of living things, including a Shepard named Mason! We created a massive digital record to feed a series of learning algorithms that recognizes and tracks individual characters, body language, facial expressions and voices.
TANG - US Navy - Navsea
Augmented Reality | 3D Technology | Rapid Prototyping
Using a customized innovation process and design thinking methodologies the team developed 50+concepts, 7 of which migrated to fleet in less than 2 years. Over a 4 day workshop with ADM John Richardson, CNO and Former COMSUBFOR, we created a platform that can be used to collaboratively design missions, using touch gestures and customizable layers of data to visualize plans in real-time.
Data Visualization | UI Design
In 2016, several major Internet companies suffered service disruptions due to a major cyber attack. As Twitter, Netflix, Amazon, and Spotify were slowly coming back online, a DoD customer wanted to implement a “monitor and response” cyber-security strategy by exploring building a state of the art Security Operations Center (SOC). The interactive wall concept was to be deployed alongside several Network Operation Centers. We developed a 3D network visualizer that displays network topologies in varying levels of detail, ranging from a global to national perspective down to specific properties of individual nodes.
HUGE - Centura Health
3D Technologies | UX Design | Emerging Tech Engineering
When Centura Health approached HUGE Inc to develop their new brand guidelines at its annual leadership summit, HUGE reached out to TheIncLab. Our designers envisioned and engineered an ambiance installation with technology capable of interacting with hundreds of participants in real time.
Anuga - Colombia
Virtual Reality | Augmented Reality
A VR journey focusing on regionalism, animal welfare, and traceability/source to virtually experience a country flair Copy: Colombia ships over 30 billion dollars worth of goods around the world. The government understood that in order to grow its export balance, the country needed to follow major trends and exploit some of its most coveted resources.
3D Technology | Visualization
Spinal device companyNuVasive came to us with a problem: How can they showcase their product lines to the world and show clients that they move at the speed of innovation? TIL had the answer. We developed a personalized and interactive mirror. We developed a custom low iron glass mirror along with precision glass with a portable pylon that needed to withstand heavy traffic areas.
Johns Hopkins University - Applied Physics Laboratory
Data Fusion | Emerging Tech Engineering | Intelligent Systems Engineering
The Applied Physics Lab at Johns Hopkins University recognized that diversity is important to emerging technologies. They wanted to better understand the role people play in shaping the future generation of systems and advanced intelligent technologies. They came to TIL to conceptualize a strategic framework to build and operate teams.
Data Fusion | Software Development | Visualization
Somos, the trusted, neutral provider of Toll-Free Numbers, came to TIL with a problem. Network traffic analysis shows that 170 million texts are sent to landline numbers every day, although most of those lines are still not text enabled. The result? Missing connections, frustrated customers, and lost opportunities.