Launching big ideas

The Problem: A brand launch is always a big deal for a company. When Centura Health approached HUGE Inc to develop their new brand guidelines at its annual leadership summit, HUGE reached out to TheIncLab.
Live Parallax Immersion Wall
The Solution: Our designers envisioned and engineered an ambiance installation with technology capable of interacting with hundreds of participants in real time. Altogether, the 120 high definition LED tiles built a massive 40 x 8 ft wall. Participants that walked by the installation triggered subtle interaction elements while the scene moved to accommodate the viewers’ angle. Our design showed that each individual contributes to Centura’s community impact. The team was inspired by their mission to provide whole care and nourishment to the communities Centura serves. Core to the new brand approach was making sure Centura stood out as a people-centric brand. We ensured we conveyed that they were welcoming, warm, caring and vibrant. These are all words that inspired bold color choices. As such, the new brand portrays people living with passion, action, and purpose in settings across their target market while also communicating a wholesome lifestyle. As such, TIL built extensive midwestern inspired scenes entirely in 3D. The color schema reflected the new brand guidelines and took the customer through a journey through nature’s many stages. For example, Kansas became a dreamy, summer inspired wheat field, with intense yellows and a flawless horizon, whereas a crisp snowy spruce forest and a runny creek painted a winter and bright white picture. Elements in the background ignited meteorological conditions on the skybox, such as snow, leaves falling, clouds or sunlight time lapse. This was built with discrete layers of 3D elements to allow for depth and character. The foreground provided detailed elements that moved along with the participants providing a parallax effect to the viewers.
Immersive Interactions

Why it Matters: The 120 high definition LED that made up the 40 x 8 ft wall was a massive success. Participants that walked by the installation triggered subtle interaction elements while the scene moved to accommodate the viewers’ angle. We were able to capture the essence of the brand and give participants a “wow factor” that allowed them to experience brand elements up close and leveraging emerging technologies while experiencing elements of nature.


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