Diversity of Thought

The Problem: The Applied Physics Lab at Johns Hopkins University recognized that diversity is important to emerging technologies. They wanted to better understand the role people play in shaping the future generation of systems and advanced intelligent technologies. They came to TIL to conceptualize a strategic framework to build and operate teams. They also looked ways to leverage diverse cultural perspectives to inspire creativity and drive innovation.

The New Frontier

The Solution: The newly created team engaged in a series of design sprints and workshops, which resulted in a comprehensive plan to tackle the challenge. TIL designers built an internal platform to discover, understand and promote team diversity of thought. Central to the platform was a series of learning algorithms designed to understand individuals and teams in a whole new way. TIL designed a visual platform for teams to literally see what they are made of. It incorporated different perspectives, which leads to better decision-making, problem-solving, innovation and engagement.

The Dimensions of Diversity

Why it Matters: Diversity matters and makes businesses stronger. Conceptually, diversity of thought is shaped by culture, experiences, personality traits, and exposure to different beliefs and perspectives. Studies show that diversity of thinking along with inclusion is proven to unlock innovation across the organizations. Today, more diverse companies are better to attract top talent, employee retention, competitive edge, and sustain profits. TIL’s platform allows the APL team to leverage diversity in new ways.